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Are Tablets Really Worth Using for Blogging?

Bloggers can now rejoice as they’re no longer limited to using the personal computer. Thanks to the tablet, they now have a new tool to use which is lighter, more portable and more convenient. The convenience lies in the touchscreen feature of the device which somehow lessens the stress on the hands compared to using a mouse.

There’s no question that the iPad as well other Android tablets have become a popular blogging tool. It works well with various platforms such as WordPress, BlogPress and Blogsy and many bloggers prefer to use them today.

blogging via a tablet

In addition to the platforms, there is a wide range of apps currently available to help bloggers seriously using the tablet in what they love to do best.


WordPress continues to be the most popular blogging platform and most preferred by those who use the Android tablet. Its outstanding content management system, numerous useful plugins and themes are some of its best features.

As for apps, the WordPress Dashboard can easily load up on a tablet’s Android browser.


For those who use the Blogsy, the platform’s ease in adding and managing photos and videos is the top feature preferred. Photos can simply be dragged and positioned to where you want it.

Images can be easily adjusted with a quick tap while a preview provides an accurate view of what the post will look like when published.

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

The Splashtop Remote Desktop HD is a powerful and amazing tool that lets you access contents stored on your desktop or laptop computer and your Mac. For only a small one-time fee of $4.99, this application allows users to access their documents, spreadsheets, images and even music.

The app also has simple instructions that can easily be followed.


Absolutely free to use, the basic version TouchUp is an image editing tool. Although not as complicated as Photoshop, it has the basic features allowing users to resize, crop and enhance their photos on their Android tablet.

For portraits, certain elements can be adjusted such as the hue and saturation, contrast and brightness.

Thinking Space

Ideal for Android tablets, the Thinking Space tool is most helpful for bloggers in the event they experience a mental block. Being a mind mapping app, it assists users in doing a mental exercise to refresh their mind and continue with writing their posts.

It may also aid in providing a great angle for an article or an idea for a new post.

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