Why SEO Is Becoming More Important Inside Your Blog Posts

If you approach blogging with the intent of getting traffic to your main website, then you’re at least loosely familiar with the idea of search engine optimization. But what you may not know is that internal SEO practices are becoming more and more important, almost on a monthly basis. Because so much information is competing for the same search space, you have to be more specific than ever in creating good keyword combinations.

If you’ve noticed a drop in your blogging traffic lately, some good places to start reinvesting in the SEO process would be to go over topics like what SEO is in the first place, how you can judge its value, why you want to approach it from a reverse engineering perspective, why it acts as a gatekeeper, and then how to experiment to get better results. (more…)

The Care And Keeping Of Your Blog: 3 Tips For Content Maintenance

If you run a blog for your business, you may think that keeping it updated it’s one of the less important things you do, somewhere behind offering a great product, high quality service, and a fulfilling work environment. What too many companies don’t realize, however, is that you can’t provide that fantastic product and quality service to the broadest audience if your blog lies fallow. Rather, a well maintained blog is another component of your customer service as well as a key marketing tool for presenting both your product and business philosophy.

Maintaining your blog takes work, but you’ll find the rewards to be greater than you expected. Here are 3 key tips for keeping your blog supplied with quality content – you’ll be surprised at the response you receive. (more…)

Four Things Your Website Needs For Proper Marketing

When it comes to business websites, you need to make sure that you are optimizing your website so that people can find it when they need what you have to offer. That means setting up some key marketing factors that can make your blog more visible.

This goes beyond just the SEO and keyword monitoring that you need in order to get on the front page of search engines. There is more that goes into a good website, and marketing that website, than just some keywords and link building.


Social Media Tips and Tricks For Content Marketing

Social media is great for content marketing. If you do it correctly. And, in our wonderfully technologically savvy current social media landscape, ‘correctly’ tends to change a little bit almost every week. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow some general principles that will at least always move you in a positive direction.

Consider these social media tips and tricks for marketing your product, service, and brand, including using the Twitterverse to its maximum potential, avoiding any type of over promotion, using every analytical tool that you can, adjusting for a captive audience, and maintaining a consistent message throughout your project plan and function. (more…)

5 Ways To Add Details To Your TV and Film Blogs

Anyone who has an opinion about TV or film can write a blog. But what makes your voice unique? What makes your perspective engaging? Sometimes it’s going to be the way that you use language, or how much experience you have in a particular subset of the TV and film genre.

But, if you want to tighten up your style and information presentation even further, what you’re really looking for, is the way to thread details into your blogging format. So, for instance, with TV and film, you can look into technical details, historical details, character details, production details, and financial details. Consider each while creating your next blog post. (more…)

What the 2016 Presidential Candidates Think About Immigration

This election year, the news cycle has prominently featured two events which have shaped American public discourse about immigration. Those worried about increased immigration, especially immigration from pre-dominantly Muslim regions, point to the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris as evidence that lax immigration laws could expose the country to the threat of radical religious terrorism. After all, the thinking goes, there’s no way to really be sure the people we’re letting into the country aren’t affiliated with one of the dozens of rogue terrorist groups that plague large swaths of the Middle East. (more…)

3 Tips for Getting More Website Visitors to Read Your Blogs

For a business, having a well respected and well read blog can bring online marketing success that you may not have thought possible. Getting traffic coming to your blog can bring more traffic to your website, help build a strong brand following, and solidify your place in your field. However, getting to the point where you have a well respected and well read blog isn’t always easy. So to help you reach this milestone faster, here are three tips for getting more of your website visitors to read your blogs and begin snowballing your blogging efforts. (more…)

5 Tips To Help Your Blog With Financial Cycles

One of the interesting things about making money, in the virtual world especially, is that you don’t necessarily get paid right away for the work that you do. There is a sort of nebulous ‘accounts receivable’ category that you often have to deal with, as you clients can also be waiting for money to come to them.

So because of that, making money online, or with a blog, requires a certain kind of patient approach to different financial cycles. Here are five tips to help you deal with that on a practical level. (more…)

3 Tips for Creating Evergreen Blog Content

When using content as a form of online marketing, one of the biggest challenges is consistently coming up with new pieces of content that will engage and satisfy your audience. While writing about new or emerging topics can be great for keeping your blog relevant, there is a secret weapon for building usefulness and authority to your blog: evergreen content.

Evergreen content is content that won’t be irrelevant to read in a few weeks or months. Because this content is generally informative and provides readers with a solid basis on the topic, it can be a great blog for readers to keep coming back to over and over again, increasing traffic to your blog or website. However, writing evergreen content can be harder than it sounds. To help you with your construction of this type of content, here are three tips for creating great evergreen content. (more…)

Marketing Your Artwork Online And Off

As an artist it can sometimes seem like a difficult task to market yourself and your art, but you simply need to think of your art as a small business. That means marketing it the same way you would market any other small business. You need to be online, but you also need to be marketing offline as well.

Online marketing allows you to reach out to the entire world wide web, while advertising locally may still get you some of your best customers, and can even help you get your art into local businesses where many people will see it as well. Remember, even though billions of people are online, there are still people that aren’t. (more…)

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